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I'm not alone...

...and never will be.

23 April
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Info sections suck, but here's a sort of half-effort for anyone who still cares. As of may twentieth, two thousand and six, I am enjoying the summer before my sophomore year of college in a not unordinary way: working my rump off. to that end, I cheerfully consign my youthful hours to a small grocery store in the manner of customer service and appreciation, though i admit a few shoppers always manage to escape with some mild depreciation. when home in Marblehead, i like to spend as much time with my friends as possible; in Vermont, i do the same thing, only there I also have access to treasures such as a gym, a student-run radio station, and a safe place in which to practice the bad habits shared by most college students. if you think this is rambling, you ain't seen nothing yet.